“I create lyrical, imaginary worlds by coupling vibrant and neutral palettes. Using inventive layering and mark making with paint, I interpret my emotions and experiences with nature.”

My interests in eco-systems include the examinations of things that grow; their energies, gestures, movements, entanglements, textures and personalities. These observations facilitate the emergence of my inner spiritual celebration.

Experimentation and use of multiple work methods are an integral part of my process. Currently, I am further abstracting nature using matte and gloss fluid acrylics, dripping, scraping and pouring, enabling momentary intuition to take over until I am satisfied with the imagery. Utilizing technology to my advantage, I import works in progress to my ipad using Procreate. I further expand my ideas through digital layering, which will later be recreated in paint. Bold, vibrant colors create a tension that interests me by enabling spatial movement. Neutrals find their place through new substrates such as raw linen, creating meaningful negative space.

The use of collage coupled with drawn, linear elements on large format paper using pen and ink, Japanese papers and large brushes are additional modes of mark-marking, which is a hallmark of my work. All of these new directions are visible evidence of the life forces behind my paintings. Color, materiality and energy fuel my passion to find new ways to describe natural phenomena, while paying homage to reality and abstraction alike.

I listen to my emotions where color is concerned.
There is joy in vibrant clean colors put down in an inventive way.
A variety of mark making is essential.